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  • Learn about birds and wildlife
  • Foster strategic thinking and decision-making skills
  • Enhance math skill and computational thinking

Birds are marvelous creatures with beautiful and fascinating attributes that attract many birdwatchers. Learning about the different types of birds, their migration patterns, habitat, and mating rituals turns science class into a real-life adventure. A fun way to approach this subject in class is through games. There are many board games inspired by birds that teaches players about each specie in a brief and entertaining way. Wingspan is one of the games created by a birdwatcher enthusiast that showcase birds from all around the world. Every bird card gives summary of the specie and it is assigned a value. By playing these types of games one can make associations between birds and science facts. Children can later identify these birds in the real-world making science class more tangible.

Wingspan and other similar games can also be played anytime and anyplace. They are great tool for sharpening math skills and logical thinking. Analyzing all the possibilities and counting every point earn to keep score. Board games can help develop mental computation which affects how we approach math problems. It is important for children to develop the art of doing quick mental calculations of basic math such as adding and subtracting for everyday task. Keeping their mind to be active and sharp. Also, Wingspan and similar board games can be used as hands-on learning tools to learn how to count. Younger children can use the eggs as visual aids when counting. Doing fun activities to learn how to count.

Birdwatching board games such as Wingspan not only teaches the players facts about birds but also help enhance cognitive skills. They are a great way to foster a child’s strategic thinking. In Wingspan, players start with nothing and in each turn, they have to attract as many birds and their eggs as possible to their aviators by drawing cards and rolling dice. At the end of the game the bird’s values tally up and the player with the most points wins. Making every move key to have a strong aviator. Children learn to organize and plan which is important when they are task with projects and group assignments. Board games are an entertaining way to prepare them to the real world. Playing different tactics and practicing decision-making skills in each turn. They are great way for everyone to join and learn in the process. Having a jolly good time.

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