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Bosk Board Game

Bosk Board Game
  • Enhance spatial reasoning
  • Foster strategic thinking and decision-making skills
  • Learn environmental science

Science class is one of those subjects that hands-on tools are most useful. Games and activities make the lectures exciting and entertaining. Learning about nature, life, and the universe through first-hand experiences. Children are engaged and actively participating which helps them learn better. Games bring joy and make it easier to understand complicated subject. Science themed games are good way to break the routine and learn something new. There are many board games that tackle different science concepts. For example, Bosk is a board game that helps illustrate the science behind the change of the seasons. Making the environmental lesson entertaining. Like many science themed games, Bosk is designed to teach about what happens to the trees and plants as spring, summer, autumn, and winter pass. Seeing all the physical and internal changes that happen in nature while playing board games.

The passing of the seasons brings different attributes and Bosk and similar science games put everyone’s strategical and observational skills to use. In Bosk, turns are divided into the seasons where spring and autumn are for strategizing and organizing the trees and summer and winter for collecting the points. Determining how to handle their trees, players enhance strategic thinking and decision-making skills. Exercising a child’s cognitive skills while learning about environmental science. This makes for great group exercises for children where they learn to work with others and analyze how other players handle problems and create tactics. Learning from the game and their peers. These types of games require a lot of thinking and planning since players can only score on certain turns in the game. Having fun creating their own little forest.

Bosk and similar games bring everyone together for a relax and fun time. Taking their time to plant their trees in the board game, players enhanced their spatial reasoning skills and the already mentioned cognitive skills. Taking the wind flow and placement of the trees into consideration, players create their individual wooden areas. These types of games have a sequence and consequences for every decision. Children learn as they grow their trees that the space between trees is important since nature is all about balance and every type of tree is unique. Learning about nature and environmental science in a fun way. Bosk and similar themed games are a good way for everyone to participate in the learning exercise and apply it to real life. Having fun seeing how a tree changes over time.

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