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Top 10 online resources for DIY home schooling

Top 10 online resources for DIY home schooling

Learning from home can be a huge challenge for both parents and students. Keeping children actively engaged in a day’s lesson can be a nightmare for all stakeholders. Having to sit at home with all the distractions around you and not even being able to talk to friends can leave many children upset and frustrated. This often leads to poor performance in school and this can have many long term negative effects for kids of all ages.

Fortunately, there are many things that parents can do to help improve the situation. One of the main ways that parents can help educate their children is to use online resources. Here are some of the best online resources for children in DIY home schooling situations.

#1) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best online platforms that students and parents can use when they are forced to learn from home. This amazing site helps guide students through lessons and offers step by step solutions to complex problems. This site is great for students of all ages, from elementary school to high school. They have written descriptions, videos, tutorials, practice problems and more that are always available. This is a free site that is great for all students to use any time of day or night.

#2) IXL Learning

IXL is another amazing site that people can use when taking on a DIY education. This resource helps students primarily in reading and math. They provide students with online practice and provide immediate feedback to help students learn. The quick response to problems helps make sure students are on the right track. To help improve student learning this site typically starts out with easy problems and gets gradually harder. This makes confidence levels rise and helps prevent students from quitting.

#3) TED-Ed

This is another wonderful resource that helps break down difficult concepts and connect them to the real world. Similar to TED talks, TED-ed is a very powerful and moving resource. It makes learning more fun and interesting to students of all ages.

#4) Reading Egg

Reading Egg is specifically designed for younger students who are struggling in reading and writing. This site provides additional resources to help supplement what students are learning from their teacher. It helps students improve their overall reading ability, comprehension, fluency, accuracy and more.

#5) Desmos

This interactive math site is ideal for those students who struggle with math. Math is a very difficult concept to learn and to care about, but Desmos helps students think about math in new and exciting ways. It elevates your level of thinking and connects even difficult, high level math concepts to the real world.

#6) DuoLingo

For students looking to improve their language ability, this online resource helps students improve their forgein language skills. It has lessons available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and more. It can help those students who are already enrolled in these courses and just need extra help or can benefit those looking to learn a new language. It is very beneficial and can help parents and students learn together. It can help both children and their parents bond in a unique and educational way.

#7) Illustrative Mathematics

This mathematics website is one of the most educational resources available to help students learn difficult math concepts. It is used in traditional classrooms all over the world and can be used at home to help enhance a student’s understanding of concepts. This site provides interactive videos, tutorials, supplemental assignments, assessments, practice problems and more. It connects math to the real world and allows students to truly engage with what they are learning. Students will never have to ask “when will I use this in real life” because this site answers that question every day.

#8) HowToSmile

This online program is an award winning resource that has become famous all over the world. This site specializes in science and math lessons. It connects to the real world and takes students on interactive and virtual field trips to better understand what they are learning. They offer thousands of different math and science activities that all feature engaging and exciting work. It allows students to take trips to the parks, zoos, museums and more to learn from home.

#9) ABC mouse

This is one of the most educational online resources available to students. This site is designed for younger school aged children, but can be used up until middle school. Preschoolers through young teenagers can use this site to improve their overall education. It has exciting lessons available in math, English, science and social studies. With thousands of new things to learn and explore, it is the perfect combination of fun and learning blended into one.


This resource is available to people all over the world. It allows people of all ages, from pre schoolers to high schoolers, to learn and improve their education. This site has lessons available from all different content areas. It has a section of games that are designed to help improve the skills that students are learning while at home. This site also offer curriculum maps for parents to look at. These maps help parents better understand the different things that their children are learning and what they will soon be learning. It is a great for all stakeholders of a child’s education and is a perfect tool for those doing DIY schooling from home. Today, millions of people around the world are falling victim to DIY schooling. Children are being socially isolated from friends and learning. While the method of learning is changing, it does not mean that a child’s education should have to suffer. These online resources can help a student learn and improve their overall education. These sites are specifically designed to help students learn from home. They connect learning to the real world and provide in depth examples and demonstrations to make learning more fun. These sites will teach students, but they will also make children want to learn.

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