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Lemonade Shake Up!

Lemonade Shake Up!
  • Foster matching skills and counting
  • Teach finance management
  • Build social and communication skills
  • Promote teamwork

There are many life and cognitive skills children develop through play. Games help children understand their surroundings and prepares them for real life situations. It is common in games that players are pinned against each other which helps children learn to win and lose gracefully. However, there are other ways to learn about sportsmanship. Cooperative games remove rivalry between players making the game a group exercise. Promoting teamwork, it is a fun activity for children learn to work together and make group decisions. Lemonade Shake Up! is one of these cooperative games that uses real life scenarios to help players come together to form a business. Not only practicing teamwork but also, how to earn money.

Lemonade Shake Up! and similar cooperative games are a fun hands-on learning tool to play at any time. The premise of these games is to earn money in every turn. Parents and educators can integrate these types of games to math class as entertaining learning activities. Children learn how to manage money and complete transaction. Mimicking real life situations, players get to experience how to run a lemonade stand. Learning to carter to their customers and manage their resources in order to get the points. Players decide as a team which customer to serve. Having fun making pretend lemonade orders.

Moreover, cooperative games can help as visual aids to learn and recognize numbers and counting. It is important that children have a foundation in basic math skills. Lemonade Shake Up! and similar games are fun way to practice matching skills which are part of the math foundation. Similarly to Yahtzee, players have ingredients randomly stamped in a dice they shake and release to come up with the recipe. Players have to pair the dice images to the recipe cards. Also, players practice matching skills by pairing lemonades to the customer cards. It is a fun way to strength a child’s matching skills and counting.

Cooperative games such as Lemonade Shake Up! are meant for everybody to have a good time. These activities bring everyone closer to talk and work for a common goal. Learning from each other children build their social skills. Observing and imitating the other players. It is a fun way for them to practice sharing skills and to wait for their turn. Also, it is a good opportunity to work on communication skills, listening and coming up with plans together to win the game. Lemonade Shake Up! and other games alike are entertaining and engaging transforming the learning activity into fun memories.

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