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Latice Strategy Board Game

Latice Strategy Board Game
  • Foster strategic thinking and planning
  • Exercise matching skills and spatial recognition
  • Build social and interpersonal skills

Occasionally it is fun to bring board games to class. They are an entertaining way for everyone to participate and exercise their cognitive skills. There are many types of board games that help stimulate the mind and learn at the same time. For example, strategy board games make players use their thinking abilities in a challenging way. These types of board games are great way to foster planning skills and strategic thinking. Children get to examine their cards or pieces, depending on the game, and come up with offensive and defensive plays. Latice Hawaii is one of the strategy board games that challenges players to think three steps ahead. Like many other strategy games, the goal of Latice Hawaii is to get rid off all the tiles before other players by placing and matching tiles on the board collecting points. With special tiles and moves, Latice Hawaii and similar games bring excitement.

Latice Hawaii and other strategy board games keep learning interesting by showing children there are many ways to get to the endgame. Moreover, it fosters matching skills in different ways. Players can match their tiles by shape or color. They have to match tiles from any direction. Players want to have all sides of the tile to match, the more sides they get to match to other tiles the more points they get. Also, fostering spatial recognition as players identify unfilled spots in the board where they can place tiles, or they can move with a wind tile to snatch a space. Both matching skills and spatial recognition play a role in learning and doing every day task. Matching skills specially are part of the foundation for math skills. Exercising their cognitive skills through play makes the experience more fulfilling.

Ultimately, board games are meant to bring people closer together. Besides the educational benefits, playing while learning helps acquire experiences that prepares players for the real world. Through board games children get to build their social skills as they observe and imitate other players behaviors. Learning to win and lose gracefully. Strengthening their communication skills players have time to talk among themselves. Sharing and taking turns board games are always a good time. Plus, it is fun for games such as Latice Hawaii have players do friendly banter and challenge each other. It is a fun way for everyone to be active in class. Latice Hawaii and other strategy games can be played any time and anywhere to keep children entertained and enriching their minds.

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