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Alpha Pops

Alpha Pops
  • Learn to recognize letters and colors
  • Foster matching skills
  • Learn how to count
  • Develop fine motor skills

Pretend sweets and groceries item toys are the only time children can play with their food. Part of learning, pretend play is a fun way to keep children engaged in class. Alpha Pop is one of these pretend play toys that are entertaining and great visual aids for young children to learn and play. The popsicles are designed to display all the letters of the alphabet. Each pair of popsicle has an uppercase and lowercase letter on both sides of the popsicles. It is a yummy way for children to recognize the ways a letter is written.

Furthermore, Alpha Pops and similar toys can be integrated to lessons. These types of toys can assist children in learning to recognize letters, colors, and numbers. Educators and parents create and use these toys as visual aids in class to captivate a child’s attention. They can create different games to help children learn to count, read, and distinguish colors. Helping the children stay focus and retain the information. Alpha Pop and other food toys bring excitement of play to hands-on learning.

Pretend play toys help develop cognitive skills. Alpha Pops and similar toys are designed to break the popsicles set into two which children have to put back together helping them develop matching skills. They can first match the popsicles by color and then, a more challenging way, by letters. This way a child is able to identify pairs of identical things and group them in the same category. By fostering matching skills, helps young children later in life when in math class when introduced to geometry and algebra concepts. Just like counting and number recognition matching skills are important foundation for math skills.

Most importantly Alpha Pop and similar toys are a fun way to move and be active through imaginary play. Children’s fine motor skills are developed as they play with these types of toys. Grabbing, pulling, and arranging the popsicles to match them. A child is exercising their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Making sure the popsicles click together like pieces of a puzzles. It is fun way for them to learn to control their hand movements enhancing their dexterity. Alpha Pops and other food toys are a great for everyone participate in the game. Playing together everyone learns and have fun.

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