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Crocodile Hop Floor Game

Crocodile Hop Floor Game
  • Color and shape recognition
  • Gross motor development
  • Number recognition and Counting skills
  • Social skills

The classic game of hopscotch is a simple and yet fun inducing activity that only requires a flat surface and object to toss! People of all ages can hop have fun. Even better, it is great teaching tool for children who love to move around. There are many games that use hopscotch format and turn it into a learning experience such as Crocodile Hop Floor Game. Anyone with a little time and creativity can teach children using the hopscotch game to identify colors, shapes, numbers and so much more. Helping them to learn through movement.

Crocodile Hop Floor Game uses two inflatable dices to teach, one dice is focused on color and the other on shapes. A player must toss the dices and jump until they reach the shape with the designated diced color. Also, it is an interactive way of learning and recognizing numbers. All the spaces are assigned a number and the player must follow the order of spaces by counting. Crocodile Hop Floor Game teaches how to count from one to ten. As the child is hopping from space to space, they are practicing their numbers, shapes, and colors. Parents and educators can decide what subject to focus on while playing with the game. At the same time, children are engaged and having fun which is proven to boost their knowledge in a positive way.

Another benefit of playing hopscotch games is that young children get to develop their gross motor skills. While playing, a child is jumping, hoping, and balancing on one foot. They are working out every muscle in their body. Hopscotch games like Crocodile Hop Floor are great because it combines mind and body exercises into one activity. Studies have proven that moving the body while learning helps with memory retention and concentration. Furthermore, developing motor skills early on is important for growth. And playing hopscotch can be great dose of exercise needed for children who have excess amounts energy.

Lastly, games such as Crocodile Hop Floor Game are great for children to foster their social skills in a non-competitive environment. Crocodile Hop Floor Game can be played by multiple players simultaneously. Children learn to take turns and cheer on the other players, discovering how to interact with others. It also teaches children how to share space since they are all playing in the same matt. Crocodile Hop Floor Game and other similar games are great source of entertainment that combines learning with movement. It is a good way to change up the routine and learn in a different way.

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