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Haba Color Pie

Haba Color Pie
  • Spatial awareness
  • Creativity
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Learn recognize colors and fractions

Learning to recognized colors is as easy as a piece of pie. There are many educational toys designed to aid to the process of learning making it fun and accessible. One of these hands-on learning toys is Haba Color Pie which like many other similar toys helps children learn to recognize colors with matching games that help assign spaces to different colors. Parents and educators use these types of toys for children to follow along in class. The child executes the exercises as the adult explains. However, they can be played at any time mix and matching the different size pieces of a pie is fun way exercise the mind.

Also, pie inspired toys can be used in other subjects. Pie shape toys such as Color Pie are designed as pieces of a puzzle that are arranged to recreate a circle template by combining the same size pie pieces or mix and matching. The varied fractions of a pie help a child develop spatial awareness. Children align them to fit perfectly in its wooden frame or on top of the template. Furthermore, pie toys introduce math concepts. They are useful visual aids for learning about fractions. Showcasing the many ways one can divide a circle into fractions and how to add them to complete a full circle. Making different sums to make the full circle.

Another great aspect about hands-on learning toys such as pie toys is that it exercises children’s hand muscles. Developing their fine motor skills which is important for young children’s growth. These types of toys foster motor skills to prepare them for writing in school. While they play and learn with Color Pie and similar toys a child’s hand movements become controlled developing hand-eye coordination and dexterity. They move the pie pieces together or apart, picking them up from a surface or placing them in a specific place. Keeping their body and mind active.

Lastly, pie inspired toys are fun activity to do to foster the creativity. Parents and educators can come up with different games where a child can use the pie pieces to make new creations. Arranging the pieces to create abstract objects. Children are able to explore and experiment with different formations. Sparking their curiosity and stimulating their brains. Countless hours of playtime are spent learning with educational toys. Working on cognitive and motor skills games like Color Pie bring joy to everyone. The right time to play with your food.

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