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Silly Street The Game

Silly Street The Game
  • Foster creativity
  • Builds communication and social skills
  • Relief stress

Big imagination lead to big ideas. From an early age, children are encouraged to use their imaginations to create and express themselves. Imagination and creativity are essential tools for learning. Many games focus on shinning a child’s individuality to boost their confidence by promoting their imagination. One of the games that foster creativity from the moment you open the box is Silly Street. Board games such as Silly Street are great tool for teaching with different perspective by giving instructions that makes the players move while they learn. The Silly Street playing cards are focused on learning skills such as observation and memorization however they are also designed to make you think outside the box. Children get to learn that there is more than one way to do things.

Furthermore, board games are designed to help the players enhance a child’s communication skills and social skills. Children learn about how to work with others for a common goal and how delegate work. A child will copy the behavior of other players for guidance. Learning to take turns and how to win or lose gracefully. Silly Street and other similar board games give different set of commands that make the players talk, do gestures and play games within the game that allow the players interact with one another. With board games, children build on their communication skills which later can be applied in real life situations. Children learn how to respond and listen through the repetition and board games such as Silly Street exercise communication skills in an enjoyable way.

Silly Street like many other board games is entertaining and brings laughter and silliness to anyone who plays. They have a rule that once a player gets to the finish line the player must lead the others in a dance party making everyone stretch and move around/ With positive learning, children are engaged in the game and the lesson. Silly Street and other games alike focus on training both the mind and body through fun activity. Allowing for a well-rounded learning experience. Silly Street is a game to unwind for a moment and helps the brain release endorphins which makes you be in a better mood breaking with the routine of work. Board games are a good way to bring everyone together for good memories.

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