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Hundred Board

Hundred Board
  • Learn to number recognition and counting
  • Fostering matching and sorting skills
  • Sharpen math skills
  • Develop fine motor skills

One hundred is a big number to count to when you are young. However, counting is a good way to practice number recognition. A Hundred Board is one of the hands-on learning tools parents and educators can use to help children learn their numbers. From one to one hundred, this type of toy serves as a visual aid that children can interact with. There are many activities to play with Hundred Board and the number pieces that keeps the children entertained. Just like a puzzle, children line the numbers pieces by numerical value on the board. Understanding and remembering the sequence used to count.

With endless possibilities to play, Hundred Board and similar math games are a good way to stimulate the mind. Besides working with numbers these types of games develop cognitive skills. Fostering problem solving, logical thinking, matching, and sorting skills at a young age, children can develop the tools to tackle math problems. Sorting and matching skills are key for learning math as they help children find similarities and differences. Playing with games such as Hundred Board helps them develop the skills naturally in an enjoyable way. Letting the child learn by themselves how to divide the numbers into groups.

Hundred Board and other similar toys are more than a mathematical tool, they help exercise their fine motor skills. Children pick and place the squared numbers all over the board. Children get move their hands around choosing how to align the pieces creating patterns on the board. Trying to place the pieces correctly they practice their hand-eye coordination skill. Working individually or in groups children learn from these move their hands quickly developing motor planning. Hundred Board and similar games are a fun way to be actively thinking and moving.

Once a child masters their numbers, Hundred Boards are a versatile tool in math class for learning all sorts of subjects. Parents and educators can use the pieces to teach addition, subtraction, and multiplication by creating math problem games using the pieces. Also, children can learn to identify odds and even numbers by sorting the numbers. Every lesson can be turn into a fun interactive activity that allows children to play and learn. Hundred Boards and other math games are an entertaining way to engage young children that keeps their attention on the lesson. Helping them sharpen their math skills. Making the most out of a hundred numbers.

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